Technology Fair

IoT Case at ABB


Front Office Transformation at ABB & IoT Demo Case. Future ABB Customer Experience Program incl. predictive Maintenance for Machines, connected to Field Service Cases based on Salesforce.

Swisscom DOCP


Omni-channel transformation project at Swisscom, based on the Accenture DOCP asset. Business and IT transformation at the same time, in an Scaled Agile Framework.

AI Hub @ Global Bank


Accenture builds the central AI hub for a global bank. See how we develop a cognitive platform with a chat-bot based solution to e.g. answer questions from relationship managers about payments, tax, securities and precious metals queries.

Liquid Studio & Extended Reality Studio


Showcasing the highlights from liquid studio and the extended reality studio with demos as well as projects & prototypes we build around AI, Blockchain, Apps, UX/UI design.
- AI
- Blockchain
- Apps
- UX/UI Design
- AR/VR"



Our market stand will provide inforomation on currently available PoCs around Blockchain and our available offerings.

SAP C4 – the fourth generation SAP CRM


Our market stand will provide a up-to-date overview of the current SAP C4 landscape and functionalities including the latest acquisitions by SAP. Based on the Accenture TECH VISION we present some showcases where the SAP Cloud Platform is used to make a difference.

IT Change Management (ITCMS)


After some general information of ITCMS, there will be several topics prepared on which the visitors can choose within the 10min. The chosen topics (2 of 4) will be presented to the visitors.
- KUDO Cards
- KanBan Board
- Change Tracking
- MOOD Wall of the Community Meeting

Cultural Diversity Office


Inclusion and Diversity is a top priority of business leaders and Accenture is recognized globally in this area. Find out how we in Accenture ASGR are committed to advancing I&D and how cultural diversity is at the heart of our company. As a bonus, you can learn more about your unconscious bias by answering a short quiz via VR glasses.

Accenture's Social Network


A social network or graph represents people and how they are connected with each other. How does Accenture’s social network (Global and Switzerland) look like? Let me show you.



- Learn more about LivingAgility and the way we work (holacracy)
- You want to become acquainted with ETA – A guidance on how to go through a transformation journey towards agility on an enterprise level
- Interested in trainings? we can tell you which agile training is right for you.

Novartis Migraine Buddy


In Life Science more and more the trend goes from pure drug manufacturing towards delivering end-to-end patient services. This is an example of a mobile-app supported service for migraine patients with the aim to give them better quality of life through patient education and enablement. Accenture has supported Novartis in setting of this service.

DevOps for SAP


Showcase on how DevOps can be used for SAP.

Google Cloud


Gain an overview of the Google Cloud Team in IES. Insights into our responsibilities, team structure, ongoing engagements, certification programs and much more. Brief introduction into the Google Cloud Platform and its offerings.

RPA: our journey with General Electric


GE Power entered a Digital Transformation by starting Implementing changing its DNA to become an agile and innovative organization. To move from being aware of the upcoming change to committing to the Transformation, targeted change initiatives will focus in deep to shift the Automation Foundry vision to value realization.

Miyagi the Training Chatbot (produced by IES AI)


We are presenting Miyagi, the New-IT Trainings Chatbot. Instead of manually searching through thousands of trainings you can now chat with Miyagi in natural language to find New-IT relevant trainings. Miyagi finds relevant, hand-selected New-IT trainings for you and leveraging expert know-how, suggests additional trainings that might be interesting for you.

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